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An easy to use, organized, optimized, and affordable data system hasn't existed for SMEs in the past
Now it does...


Graph Curation and Information Exchange

Converting your data into meaning

Finally — You Can Answer 'YES' to the Two Biggest problems You Face Today


Is organization machine-readable?


Convert your data into meaning?


Does the data you hold drive revenue for your business?

Life Without Machine Readable Semantic Data

"Semantics: How the world looks when viewed from the perspective of any given resource, class, property or collection"

To remain competitive in today's business climate, every business, large or small, finds it necessary to have some kind of data strategy at the heart of their business model. Most larger organizations have already embraced the selling power of a semantic data strategy and are on that journey to learning what's needed and what isn't. However, many smaller organizations are struggling with how to begin, especially in measuring ROI.


* Can I afford to hire a talented Data Person?

* Can I afford the complicated Data Software needed?

A good data strategy shouldn't be created in isolation; it must be driven by your overall business strategy.

The first step in any data strategy is to consider your organization's 'strategic priorities' and 'key business questions.' Only then can you identify how you might use specific data to deliver those priorities and solutions to your organization's needs.

* What particular 'insights' are valuable to your organization?

* How will that information 'help your business?

* What's the 'value' of that information?

The time it takes, and the cost incurred for SMEs to make it to this first stage of a semantic data strategy can be staggering. Even with the knowledge gained, if the use of that data knowledge isn't instantly accessible (and actionable) across the whole business — and crucially, 'machine-readable' — it's wasting vast amounts of time and profit potential.


SDG’s GraCIE Graph Curation Information Exchange

Improves your semantic data creation process to drag & drop - and achieves in 10 minutes - what used to take 5 hours

SaaS for SMEs to Become Automatically Data- Driven

We knew if we could solve that problem, the value brought to any SME would be limitless. So, we did.

Our Gracie software was built around the basis of four criteria:

To enable you to produce the things you sell more productively than you can now

To give you detailed clarity of future market behavior far beyond what you can achieve now

To fully optimize the promotion of your product to your target market

To provide a 360° holistic view of the exact state of your business

Your GraCIE Onboarding Process

The 'priorities identified' during onboarding become your 'use cases.' To ensure your data strategy is fully focused and achievable, we begin with no more than 3—5 data use cases.

Uncovering 'what' data you need to achieve your goals - and 'where' that data will come from is crucial.

Do you need structured or unstructured data, or (ideally) a combination of the two?

Can you acheive your goal with internal data, or do you need to add external data?

Do you already have or can you quickly access, all the data you need?

If not, you need a way to collect the appropriate data. What data collection method will you use?

We know that anyone can derive value from these answers, provided they truly comprehend what data is needed — usually, much less data is needed than obtained. Data Gybe’s Navigator Software enables small to F500 enterprises to rapidly and automatically build data-driven applications for incredibly low upfront investments.

By focusing on key metrics and measures that drive your business - GraCIE guarantees you:
  • Increased efficiency by producing reports and presentations in days, not months
  • Driven gains by enabling executives to make operational decisions with 'instant' real-time information
  • More informed transformational decisions across customer engagement, product development and operations
  • The combining Of multiple data sources together in one Ul
  • The creation Of Optimized Data Catalogs in minutes
  • Ontology creation and management by non-data personnel.
  • Simple input and management of data graphs with minimal data input experience or training
  • Real-time analysis of your business to produce vital metrics for your organization
  • Full integration Of multiple data sources to expand your database
  • Design and development dashboard and visualizations in Tableau (the worlds leading data visualization platform)
  • A fully managed, secure, hosted analytics application With single-user access

The Measurable Difference GraCIE is Making to SMEs and F500s Everywhere

"Semantic Data Group Gracie 'Fully Automates' your semantic data creation process - and achieves in 10 minutes - what used to take 5 hours"

Mike Doe, Director
XYZ Company

Your Future with SDG’s GraCIE

A complete Enterprise 'Semantic' Knowledge Graph

Imagine: 'Drag and Drop' Technology that Automatically' builds a knowledge graph.

Your data is automatically structured for search engines to recognize and show to your prospects in their search queries. Knowledge bases (the flexibility of data production and the ability to map between data languages) are created to facilitate your graphs, meaning 90% of work that most data users have to do just to get data into a form that's useful for analysis, is done automatically.

Fully Optimized Data Catalogs

Imagine: A non-technical individual - With zero coding experience — was able to create (and easily manage) a 'data catalog' using drag & drop (or data/url link) technology.

SDG’s GraCIE 'automatically' builds a rich catalog ot data assets that enables your admin, sales, and marketing teams, to find, understand, and govern data to accelerate data discovery and ensure compliance.

Our semantic data catalog technology combines big data analysis, machine leaming, and human curation to automatically catalog your data (and data lineage) at scale.

Complete Semantic Machine-Readable Data

Your data, without semantic data markup, is invisible to machines. Google, and all other search engines use machines to find your data and show it to searching customers. Imagine all your data — becoming completely machine-readable — automatically? No brainer, right?

Your data automatically publishes as structured data - So it can be interlinked by machines - to become more useful within billions of daily search queries.

A Future-Proof Data Strategy that Grows with Your Business

'What' data is stored within your business (the information architecture) and 'how' (the structural architecture) becomes fully integrated — optimized — automated — instantly accessible — and immediately actionable.

The Navigator also safeguards the future of your data influx by growing and adapting accordingly.

Your business also instantly gains:

  • The full governing of sensitive GDPR data sources
  • The enabling of your organization to easily train admin to become data stewards
  • The ability to review and curate 'automatic' suggestions, data profiles, and even data quality metrics
  • The unique capability to capture data lineage from other systems and infer data lineage
  • Full support for 'data masking' Of sensitive data

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Semantic Data Group GraCIE

Subscription-based and designed to enable SMEs to become data-driven - automatically - and affordably.

For a 12-month subscription (starting at a low introductory price), your organization can harness the power of full data automation today.

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